Amore Signature Facial

Our signature facial is highly personalized starting with a skin reading, followed by a deep cleansing, custom blended facial massage, and a mask targeted for your skin type and condition(s).

50 min      $159

Triple Peel Facial

This powerful treatment includes an extra strength enzyme therapy, Kerafole, and an Alpha blend exfoliation to peel away dull surface layers. The intensity is customized for your skin to ensure maximum results.

55 min $85

Acne Clearing Facial 

Five professional-grade products are used to synergistically diminish acne caused by bacteria. A Bulgaricum Probiotic Mask combined with Asymmetric Oxygenated Aloe Vera gel, detoxifies, oxygenates, and stimulates the skin’s immune system.

50 min $95

European Facial

The classic European Facial targets skin impurities through an intensive cleansing and exfoliating procedure promoting anti-aging leaving the skin hydrated freed from pore clogging congestion.

50 MIN     $79

Back Facial

Our back facial is a purifying, calming and moisturizing treatment that is perfect for healing the clogged pores and bacteria that accumulate in this hard-to-reach area.

50 min $95

Pumpkin Peel Facial

Pumpkin peel use the enzyme of the pumpkin to exfoliate and introduce full of beta carotene vitamins A, B and C.

50 min $85

Teen Facial

Many teens are prone to acne due to excess oils and dirt. After skin analysis, the procedures are specialized for different conditions and skin types.

30 min      $49

Gold Facial

Luxurious treatment removing toxins from the environment. Improving blood circulation, this facial will assist in lymphatic drainage leading to enhanced skin elasticity.

   50 min     $189 

Glycolic Facial

Our Glycolic facial is great for all skin types. This treatment utilizes a 30% unbuffered, Glycolic Polymer solution with the active pH of 1-2 that addresses fine lines, acne, hyper-pigmentation and dryness. Best results are achieved when accompanied by the use of the home care GPS 5% or 10% solutions. Consult with your licensed technician to see if you are candidate.

50 min $94 

Microdermabrasion / Diamond Brasion

Minimal abrasive instrument gently removing thicker, uneven outer layer skin Treats light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and stretch marks.

50 min $125